Premium-quality roofing is a serious investment which should have a long lifespan if you follow a few key maintenance tips.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, winter can be very tough on your roof. Harsh weather conditions always puts pressure

A lot of people are under the assumption that a new roof will cost them a pretty penny. But in

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that everyone is trying to decide what gifts to buy for their

As experienced roofing contractors, we understand how important guttering is. Your gutters play an essential role in channelling rainwater

You may believe that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your roof as much during the summer as during

Here at Woodstock Roofing, we don’t just fit new roofs and repair old ones: we’re also happy to repair or

With prolonged spells of sunshine, low rainfall and warm temperatures all features of our weather in Oxfordshire and the

The guttering on your home helps direct water away from the building, making it a hugely important part of

The roof of your house is something that often goes under appreciated. We paint our fences, trim our hedges,

If you're running a business, you'll be aware that 'time is money', and any disruptions to the smooth operations

Has your roof recently been badly damaged? If so, you may be torn between having it repaired and simply

Just as spring was supposed to be emerging from the depths of the British winter, some regions of the

Is your roof slightly damaged? If so, you might be considering waiting to repair it until a more convenient

Do you live in an area that’s prone to heavy rainfall? If so, you may be at risk of

Beautiful historical architecture and building work is a treat to have in our country and communities. It is vital to

Normally, roof insulation is designed to help houses keep warm. However, some homes need help cooling off, which is why

When it comes to keeping your roof sturdy and secure year after year, the protective roofline products which surround it

Roofing contractors are called out to do roof repairs on leaking roofs more than for just about any other

The growth of moss on a tiled roof is a fairly common occurrence, and one that is often disregarded

When the harsh weather hits, keeping your home secure against the elements is more important than ever. Regular maintenance

An indispensable part of any house, the roof isn't something we give much thought to - the subject literally goes

In the UK, liquid waterproofing has been issued with approvals by the leading testing and approvals house of the British

It is so important to get your home ready for the toils of winter in the summer months. It is

Maintenance of your roof can often be the last thing on your mind when faced with the strains and toils

Ensuring you trust your roofer is as important as anything else in life. Your home or business is important to

Ensuring you're building is weather proof is as important as locking your front door, extensive damage can be done to