Liquid applied membranes

Liquid applied membranes Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire

Woodstock Roofing has recently introduced Decothane seamless membrane systems to its existing portfolio of products. Woodstock Roofing are qualified to apply Decothane to all common, existing substrates and roof designs, so whether it’s used as a replacement waterproofing membrane or over existing failed systems it will suit a wide range of individual technical requirements.

What is Decothane?

Decothane is a versatile, high performance product that can be applied over an existing roof where no upgrading of the insulation is required and only the waterproof system has failed. As it is usually applied over an existing substrate it is cost effective as the need for a temporary roof and the removal of the failed material is unnecessary.

Decothane seamless ‘cap sheet’ polyurethane membranes are durable and rapidly become resistant to rain damage. They may be applied in relatively poor weather conditions without any subsequent loss or impact on performance or durability.

Another product in the Decothane portfolio is Decothane Clearglaze, a clear membrane that may be used over glass, roof lights and other materials. It will provide a waterproof barrier that will still permit light into the building.

Advantages of liquid applied membranes

Seamless waterproofing membrane

Reliable and relatively low-cost

High performance and durable

Simple to install

Wide usage though Especially suited for beneficial for flat roofs.

Protection against weathering, impact damage, stress cracking, ultraviolet rays and other harmful agents such as oil, acid, salts, bases and alkali

Best on non-traffic surfaces

Low maintenance