Solar and Green

Solar and Green roofing solutions Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire

Woodstock Solar and Green are providing customers with green solutions that will help run a home more efficiently with a keen environmental awareness. From insulation, double glazing and solar panels, to green roof systems and eco-friendly manufactured products, you can add value to your home, while also saving you money on your day to day living costs.

Installing solar technology into your home is not only great for the environment but also for your budget. Available in a range of different forms from solar panels to tiles, hot water panels and ground source heat pump systems, we can help you tap into the sun's natural energy, reducing your carbon footprint and annual costs.

Solar Roofing Tiles

Solar roofing tiles are a fairly recent innovation and are becoming increasingly popular as environmental awareness grows. Rather than fitting standard roof tiles made of clay, concrete or slate roofs, Woodstock Roofing can install solar panels built in photovoltaic solar cells. We can install solar roof tiles on new build properties for commercial or residential purposes, or they can be incorporated into existing roofs during re-roofing projects.

The tiles are designed to blend in with existing roof tiles whether they be plain or interlocking concrete tiles, slates or shingles. All tiles have a simple plug-in connector so they can be wired together while they're being installed.


Solar roof tiles have an average lifespan of more than 20 years so you'll get a lot out of them. Due to the fact that the panel has no moving parts, you'll find that not much maintenance is necessary at all. Solar roof tiles include a self locking fixing system that allows the glass laminate to be easily removed for when they need to be inspected, cleaned or replaced.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular. They are buildings that are completely covered in vegetation or soil and may also include additional layers such as a drainage and irrigation systems. Our roofing contractors can assist you in this area.

You can grow plants and vegetables self-sufficiently

Reduce energy costs

Increase the lifespan of your roof

Soil reduces rainwater run-off

Good sound insulation

Creates a cooling effect in hot weather city environments

Other 'green' products we can supply!

P.V. solar panels

Hot water panels

Green roof systems (intensive, extensive)

Ground source heat pumps

Retro fit wall insulations

Carbon footprint analysis