New Year's resolutions for your roof
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Last Edited: 20/Dec/2016

The New Year is rapidly approaching. Once Christmas is over, it’ll only be a few days until you can welcome the coming year with open arms. You may also like to start thinking up your New Year’s resolutions. Of course, most New Year’s resolutions are broken the day after they’re made (especially the ones about losing weight - the mince pies leftover from Christmas just taste too good), so we’d like to suggest some that you’ll want to keep. The New Year is the perfect time to ensure that your roof is in tip-top condition. Why not incorporate that into your resolutions?

1. “I resolve to have my roof repaired before it needs replacing”

If your roof has minor cracks or is exhibiting signs of sagging, it’s important to repair it. You may have been putting off the repairs because the damage isn’t bad enough to affect your life significantly. However, minor cracks or sagging can develop into something worse. That’s why we think you should resolve to have roof repairs carried out in the New Year. Get your roof fixed before it needs to be replaced!

2. “I resolve to finally install insulation”

Installing a roof insulation system can keep your home’s temperature stable and save you a lot of money on heating or air conditioning bills. Unfortunately, it’s also tempting to put off the job, due to the initial cost of insulation. Why not use your New Year’s resolution as an incentive to get it sorted out? This year, resolve to install top-quality insulation at the first opportunity. 

3. “I resolve to take down the roof-mounted Christmas decorations in a timely fashion”

In our previous blog entry, we discussed how the weight of Christmas decorations can damage your roof. We suggest that you don’t leave them up for too long after Christmas day, as the continued pressure can put your roof under unnecessary strain.

Here at Woodstock Roofing we are highly-trusted roofing contractors in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire - and we can help you keep these resolutions. Our team is always ready to repair your roof or install insulation. However, you can probably take your Christmas decorations down without our help!