3 tips for extending the life of your roof
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Last Edited: 24/Jan/2017

Premium-quality roofing is a serious investment which should have a long lifespan if you follow a few key maintenance tips. Once you have made a major capital outlay to protect and insulate your property, you want to know how to make the most of it and extend the lifetime of your roofing. Be sure to get expert advice from your roofing contractor when they fit your roof about what to look out for and how best to protect your new roof. In the meantime, these three tips should help you keep your roof in tip-top condition.

Clean your gutters regularly

Ideally, every spring and autumn is the perfect time to pop up the ladder and check the condition of your guttering. Regular clearing of leaves can prevent water from backing up and seeping into the roof sheathing or rotting your rafters. Make sure also to remove any moss that has fallen in from overhanging trees or begun to grow amongst the leaves before it can take root and start to leach water into your home or damage your roofing.

Cut back overhanging trees

Branches which hang low over your roof can bring many detrimental hazards including leaf drop, moss and rodents. As leaves accumulate on the roof they can rot and trap moisture close to the roof, causing damage and leading to the long-term growth of moss or even weeds which can wreak further havoc and lead to costly roof repairs. Cutting back branches also gives less opportunity for squirrels to jump onto your roof and chew on your timbers - they can breach a 2-metre gap so bear this in mind when trimming overhanging limbs.

Be extra vigilant in bad weather

Wintry showers of snow and hail can create heavy buildup on your roof. Before the snow melts is the easiest time to clear it from your roof. Once it starts to melt you are at risk of accumulating ice dams which can lead to water backing up and being forced under the roof, leaking through into your home and causing untold damage to your property. In extremely windy or stormy conditions, look and listen out for damage from wind or falling branches. At the first sign of anything amiss, make sure to contact your roofing contractor to limit further damage from broken or missing tiles or guttering.

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