Two less obvious places to look to see if you need a new roof
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Last Edited: 09/Feb/2017

Most of us go about our days not thinking twice about the roof above our heads. But if you are legally responsible for the property - perhaps you have bought your own home, are renting out your guest house, or are the owner of business premises - you need to be able to tell when your roof needs replacing. Obvious problems like constant leaks and destruction of the roof are easy to spot, so here we've highlighted two of the less obvious places to look.

Firstly, check the materials

What is your roof made out of? As property owners, when you have a new roof installed by trusted roofing contractors, you presume (and rightly so!) that the new roof is going to last. But do you actually know the reasonable lifetime to expect? The difference can be huge. For example, if you have a concrete roof, you shouldn't ever need to replace it unless it's badly damaged. If you have cedar up there, on the other hand, you can expect it to last about 20 years. Looking into this issue is a great place to start!

Secondly, check your ceilings

Given a choice between the inside and the outside, it might seem more sensible to look outside for any problems. But the inside of your property can tell you more than you think. When you're checking for issues, make sure you pay attention to any cracks, bends, blistering, dips, or sagging in the ceilings. Any particularly dark spots or discolourations in paintwork can indicate slower leaks or damp that need treatment straight away. Take notice of the rooms, too. Is it just one room, or several? Every detail can assist in your assessment of roof condition. 

Get yourself a reliable roofing company

If you think you might need new ceilings, it is best to contact a reliable roofing company that can give you their expert opinion on the state of the roof. Roof repairs can be costly if the roof condition is left too bad for too long, so make sure you get on top of things if you suspect something might need attention. Contact us at Woodstock Roofing today to speak to an expert roofing company in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire.