Do your gutters need to be repaired or replaced?
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Last Edited: 09/Feb/2017

Here at Woodstock Roofing, we believe that keeping your gutters in good condition is essential. If your gutters don’t work properly, water won’t be channelled away from your roof and walls properly, which can eventually damage your home. That’s why we’re happy to mend or replace guttering as well as carry out roof repairs. 

If your gutters are sagging, blocked up or suffering from wear-and-tear, we urge you to deal with the problem immediately. But should you opt to have them repaired or replaced? In order to make the right decision, we suggest you consider the following factors:

1. Extent of damage

If your gutters are only lightly damaged, or if they’re not performing quite as well as they should, they can generally be repaired or adjusted quite easily. For example, minor sagging can be repaired with ease. Meanwhile, if your gutters tend to become blocked up, it may be possible to solve the problem without replacing them. However, if they are severely damaged, it may be better to have an entirely new guttering system fitted. If your guttering is severely cracked or broken in several places, for example, replacing it may be easier and more effective than repairing it in the long-run.

2. Age of guttering

High-quality gutters can remain functional for years. However, even the best ones don’t last forever. If your gutters are very old, you should consider replacing them instead of repairing them. Their age is likely to make them more fragile and susceptible to damage than newer gutters. Therefore, they’re likely to require excessive maintenance and repairs, which may prove costly. It’s simply more cost-effective to have older gutters replaced when they become damaged. However, if your gutters are new, it’s wiser to simply repair them. After all, they’re a lot less likely to break again than older gutters.

3. Value of gutters

Do your gutters add to the value of your home or take away from it? Low-quality gutters can negatively affect your property’s value, so you may wish to replace them when they break. It’s a golden opportunity to increase your property’s worth! High-quality gutters can contribute to a high property-value, so they’re worth repairing and maintaining.

By weighing up the factors we have described in today’s blog, we’re confident that you can make the decision that’s right for you. Whether you decide to repair your gutters or replace them, contact us today. As experienced roofing contractors and guttering experts, we can help.