Simple maintenance tips for green roofs
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Last Edited: 21/Feb/2017

Here at Woodstock Roofing, we are able to install high-quality green roofing solutions that can provide a visually appealing space for nature right above your home or business premises. Due to our proficiency as roofing contractors, we can even install resilient, carefully planned green roofs that require minimal maintenance. However, as an experienced roofing company in Oxfordshire, we know that there’s no such thing as a completely maintenance-free roof. That's why we’ve decided to provide you with some tips on maintaining green roofs.

1. Weeding your roof

Every few months, we recommend that you make an effort to get rid of any unwanted weeds that have started growing on your green roof. Unlike ordinary roofs, these lively, verdant roofs can sometimes become homes for invasive and undesirable plants. If your roof isn’t designed to support a particular plant species, it’s advisable to get rid of it. Don’t worry if this seems like an insurmountable task. As a top roofing contractor, we pride ourselves on knowing everything about the roofs we install. We can tell you exactly what plant life your green roof is supposed to have and which plants shouldn’t grow on it.

2. Unclogging drains and gutters

Green roof gutters can sometimes become clogged with plants that have grown into them, died or fallen into the drainage system. This isn’t a serious problem and is easily remedied. We are the most flexible roofing company in Warwickshire and the surrounding counties: we’re happy to repair and maintain gutters as well as install roofs. If your gutters do become clogged with plant life and you don’t feel 100% confident about unblocking them, just give us a call.

3. Remembering the roof

It’s easy to forget that underneath the layer of gorgeous plant life, a green roof is still a roof. It is a rigid, man-made structure that can be damaged by wear and tear and unpleasant weather. Luckily, it can also be repaired and maintained just like any other roof, and we’re happy to carry out those repairs.

As a highly competent roofing company in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire, we can carry out roof repairs and maintenance, even on highly unusual roofs. This includes green roofs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Woodstock Roofing if you need help maintaining yours.