Planning building work over the winter
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

When the harsh weather hits, keeping your home secure against the elements is more important than ever. Regular maintenance from a professional team will ensure that any cracks or faults in your home's weatherproofing are quickly repaired and solved. During the summer, these maintenance and home improvement tasks can often be done yourself with a little knowledge and the right tools. However, if you need building work done over the winter months, you will need to plan your project a little more carefully to prevent long-term damage to your underlying masonry. That is where a professional team of contractors can help you.

If you are making improvements, undertaking construction or carrying out maintenance during the winter, it will help to plan for the very worst weather. Building work that requires taking the roof off is risky when the weather is turning, so you will need plenty of temporary roof covers and a strong scaffolding system that is secure when high winds blow. Professional building firms have all the safety qualifications and training needed to tackle difficult jobs in tough weather, and they are also covered by full insurance. Don't put yourself at risk - leave it to the experts.

Roofs tend to require the most work during the winter, as they are vulnerable to damage when ice, rain and wind all strike. If left untreated, roof damage can allow water to enter your home, leading to long-term structural damage and problems with damp. A prompt response is the best way to protect against future cost and stress. If your roof needs repairing, it is best to get those repairs out of the way before the winter sets in, but where this is not possible, your building project can still go ahead. Your building contractors will outline a fast schedule that gets your home protected quickly, and will detail a full risk assessment that takes into account any potential weather hazards. You can rest assured that your project will be completed safely, on time and on budget - choose Woodstock Roofing and see how we can help you.