All you need to know about flat roofs
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

Flat roofs are held in poor regard by many. They are, apparently, more likely to leak, more likely to experience drainage problems and more expensive to insure. In our experience however, this poor reputation is not at all deserved. If you own a property with a flat roof or are thinking of building a structure with one, there are certainly factors to consider, but once you have a well-designed flat roof, installed by a certified roofing contractor, it should not cause you any more problems than a regular sloping roof. Here we explain everything you need to know about flat roofs.

Are flat roofs actually flat?

Flat roofs are not flat at all. Compared to a traditional sloping roof they look to lie perfectly horizontally, however, they actually have a slight slope to enable rainwater to drain off. The minimum slope required in the UK is a 1cm drop for every 80cm of horizontal roof. This will prevent any build up of water on top of the roof's surface.

Why are they so popular? They don't look as attractive as sloping roofs

Some may argue that flat roofs are not as aesthetically pleasing as a traditional sloping roof, however, in using one you can incorporate a green roof, roof terraces or patio into your design. Economically speaking, flat roofs are far cheaper to construct and, as the building losing less heat, far more environmentally friendly, too.

Do they need regular maintenance?

Like any roof, flat roofs do require regular maintenance over time. The most common maintenance issues usually arise from rainwater outlets becoming blocked with leaves and debris from autumn storms. This can then reduce the effectiveness of the roof's pitch, water can begin to pool and roof repairs need to be carried out. Installing leaf guards can go a long way to preventing this and the entire roof area should be checked before the winter each year to foresee any potential issues. In addition, the waterproof membranes that cover flat roofs do need to be replaced every 20 to 30 years. By having an annual check from a Woodstock Roofing contractor, we can assess and replace your membranes before they begin to cause you serious problems.

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