Protecting your roofline with regular maintenance
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

When it comes to keeping your roof sturdy and secure year after year, the protective roofline products which surround it are doing a very important job. Gutters, fascias and soffits are more than just a finishing touch. They protect that sealed join between your roof and the building itself, and prevent wind and rain damage from occurring. By diverting rainwater from your home and keeping underlying masonry protected, you could avoid costly and extensive repairs in the future. The experienced team at Woodstock Roofing offer a wide range of roof maintenance services - including taking care of your roofline.

One of the simplest ways to prevent rainwater build-up (and the structural damage it can lead to) is to keep your gutters flowing freely. High winds can whip up leaves and other debris, or knock down tiles, which lead to blockages in the pipe. Here, water can collect and start to leak - without treatment, eventually the water may breach your walls, leaving your building damp and weakened. Cleaning gutters is a relatively simple task, but at such a height you need a professional team with the right access equipment to ensure it is done safely. Our roofing contractors can also replace broken or cracked sections of guttering for you quickly and for a low rate.

Your fascias and soffits need care and attention from time to time, otherwise they can become less effective. Soffits keep your roof ventilated while fascia boards support the gutter system and cover the roof's edge. If a board is damaged through wear and weather, it will lose its strength and provide less support for rainwater drainage. Over time, the integrity of the whole gutter system can become compromised. If you are worried about the condition of your roofline supports or if you would just like a check for your own peace of mind, call in Woodstock Roofing's experts today. We will help you care for your roof and make sure that whatever the weather this winter, your home is protected from the elements.