Is lead roofing right for you?
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

As one of the UK’s most versatile roofing contractors, we can install a wide variety of different roofing solutions. One type of roofing we offer is lead roofing. But is it right for your house? Lead roofing is a fantastic alternative to more lightweight solutions such as PVC single ply roofing and built-up felt. It offers several notable advantages that may appeal to you.

Firstly, lead roofing has a unique, somewhat traditional aesthetic which makes it very suitable for older buildings. If you own an older structure and you wish to preserve its historic visual appeal while still improving the sturdiness of its roof, lead roofing may be the ideal solution for you.

Secondly, lead is an incredibly durable building material. Historic structures that use lead have been known to remain in good condition for hundreds of years with regular maintenance. If you plan on handing on your home to your descendants, it’s worth installing a lead roof because it will endure for generations.

Of course, lead roofing can stand up to short-term pressures as well as the test of time. Lead is a very sturdy material and can resist damage very well. If you live in an area that’s prone to storms or other wild weather conditions that might damage the roof of your property, having a lead roof installed can actually protect your home. Because of its overall toughness, you will also have to carry out fewer roof repairs on a lead roof than other types of roof.

Finally, lead roofing is more environmentally friendly than you may realise. Thanks to the UK’s used lead recovery industry, 95% of the lead used in buildings today is recycled. Because lead is an element rather than a compound, it can be recycled endlessly without losing the qualities that make it a strong, effective building material.

Of course, lead can be a dangerous material in the wrong hands due to the fact it has toxic qualities. However, here at Woodstock Roofing, we are experts at handling and installing lead. If you choose to have a lead roof installed, you can trust us to carry out the work safely and securely. As a high-quality roofing company, we believe that lead roofing is a remarkable solution with many benefits. If you think that lead roofing is the solution for you, contact us today.