Why is felt roofing still so popular?
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

As the teams from our roofing company deal with many different clients in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, we find that there are often questions our customers, both residential and commercial, like to ask. One of the most common is: 'Why do so many people still choose felt roofing products?' This is true, whether used as a new cover, or by continuing to make this choice when we complete roofing repairs for customers. 

The way the question is asked sometimes gives us the impression that people can believe this is somehow an old-fashioned product, and that 'sexier' modern alternatives would surely be the rage. Well, no. Felt remains a popular choice, as are other accepted, yet traditional, solutions used in the heritage projects we complete, including lead, stone and clay products.

Back to the unassuming hero that is felt. The primary reason for having a roof over your head, whether at home or work, is simply to provide protection against the elements. This has been the case since the first roofs were constructed back in the mists of time. Felt is a terrific protector and has proven itself even in the most trying of conditions. With our weather as it has been during the last few years, complete protection is truly front of mind for an increasing number of property owners. 

So, to answer the original question, felt roofing is both long proven and utterly reliable. It is readily available - and we choose only leading brands such as De-Boer, Chesterfelt, Ruberoid and Marley. Each is noted for the quality of their materials and the high standards ratings they achieve. Felt is easily applied to all sizes, scales and types of projects, and is an extremely popular choice for the flat roof work we undertake, but is an equally good option for pitched and curved roofs as well. Felt roof coverage is seamless, and once put in place, it is an extremely durable method of roofing for both homes and commercial properties. Where necessary, it can also be installed to withstand any foot traffic that might be necessary in flat roof installations. 

If it was on your mind, we do hope this answers the original question. We're also happy, in future postings, to answer any other key questions you'd like to ask us.