How to put your roof to good use
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

Did you know that your roof is one of the most valuable yet underused parts of your home? It’s true! Here at Woodstock Roofing, we understand that every roof has the potential to be turned into something beautiful or practical. Of course, the main purpose of your roof should always be to shelter you and protect your home from the elements, but it can also do so much more. That’s why we’d like to use today’s blog entry to discuss some of the ways you could put your roof to good use.

1. Creating a roof garden

If you have a flat, sturdy roof, you may wish to consider turning it into a space to relax. Space is at a premium in modern Britain (particularly in built-up areas), so why not take advantage of the unused space on your roof? A roof garden can provide many psychological benefits, simply by giving you a place to unwind. For example, it can help you feel less stressed and improve your overall mental health. Don’t worry if your flat roof isn’t currently sturdy enough to house a roof garden; we can install a new roof that will be able to cope with foot traffic and garden furniture. Alternatively, if your current roof is structurally sound but too old or damaged to be used as the base for a roof garden, we can carry out roofing repairs to make it viable.

2. Generating power

If you want to reduce your energy bill, why not turn your roof into a source of electricity? By installing solar panels on your roof, you can generate your own power and drastically cut your electricity bill. We can install solar panels for you, so there’s no need to try fitting them yourself. If necessary, we can also make roof repairs to ensure that your roof can support solar panels.

3. Creating a space for wildlife

It can be difficult to get in touch with nature if you live in a city or town. Why not counteract this problem by installing a green roof? Adding a layer of grass or plant-life to your roof is environmentally friendly and can provide a space for wildlife (particularly birds) in even the most built-up area.

4. Preserving the nation’s heritage

If you live in a historic building, you may wish to preserve the original roofing. We can help you do this by carrying out heritage work. While this may not seem to serve a practical purpose, it helps to preserve the nation’s architectural history, which is a worthwhile goal to pursue. Of course, a traditional roof can also add value to your home, so there is a financial incentive to preserve it, too.

Your roof may provide you with shelter, but it can also be a place to relax, a means of generating power, a sanctuary for wildlife or an example of historical architecture. Take good care of it and you will be able to reap the rewards.