Solar tiles or solar panels?
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

Once you've decided you want to use your roof to create solar energy, the next issue to be considered is whether you want to install solar tiles or solar panelsAlthough both serve the same function, they actually suit different needs. So the choice you make really will depend on your own priorities. 

Solar tiles 

Solar tiles are a relatively new eco innovation, and are designed to match your roof so they don't disrupt the appearance of your property. 

Solar tiles, like solar panels, work by turning the sun that shines on photovoltaic cells into an electric field, which is then converted to electrical power. They're cost effective because they rarely need to be replaced. 

Tiles are ideal for people who live in a listed property, or a conservation area. They're also easy to maintain because they don't have moving parts - just keep them clean, and free from leaves and snow. 

The disadvantage of solar tiles is that they need to be installed during construction of a new build property, or when an existing property is being re-roofed. 

Solar panels 

Solar panels are attached to your roof, and have been popular with environmentalists for some years now. But even though their design has greatly improved, they can still impact on the aesthetics of your home. 

One of the main advantages of panels over tiles is they tend to produce more energy. The other is the fact they're cheaper, and easier, to install because they are simply bolted to an existing roof. 

Woodstock Roofing 

Woodstock Roofing is a highly reputable family roofing company that has provided a first class, friendly service since 1963. 

We can install solar tiles during construction of a new build, or we can install them during a re-roofing. We'll use tiles with an average lifespan of 20 years, and have a selection that will blend with your existing roof whether it's plain or interlocking concrete, shingles or slates. We can also provide high quality PV solar panels.

If you would like free, expert advice to determine which option is best for you then please contact a member of our team for a no-obligation consultation.