Choosing the right colour for your roofing tiles
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

In a recent blog entry entitled ‘What does your roof say about you?’, we mentioned that our concrete roofing tiles are available in a wide variety of different colours. We use a number of different suppliers to ensure that we can offer the greatest possible range of tiles in the greatest possible variety of colours. But how can you decide which colour is right for your roof’s tiles? Here at Woodstock Roofing, we believe that there are several factors that you should take into consideration. 

1. Personal preference

The most important thing to consider when selecting the colour of your roofing tiles is your own preference. Your choice of colour can express your style or your personality, so don’t be afraid to opt for hues that say something about you. Even if your preferred colour is a little unconventional, there’s no reason not to choose it. After all, it’s your roof, you can do what you like with it!

2. Home style

It’s usually a good idea to take your home’s style into account when choosing the colour of your roof. You probably don’t want your roof to look completely out-of-place or stylistically inconsistent, so it’s best to think about what colours would best suit the rest of your home. For example, bright, cheerful colours are ideal for clean, modern homes, but they might not be suitable for old-fashioned stone buildings. These buildings look better when topped with earthy, natural hues. Of course, you shouldn’t let considerations of stylistic consistency deter you from choosing a tile colour that you really love. However, these considerations can help you narrow down your options if you’re having difficulty making a decision.

3. Practicality

As experienced roofing contractors, we at Woodstock Roofing understand that some tile colours can be more practical than others in certain situations. For example, if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, you may wish to avoid choosing lighter-coloured tiles: rainwater often has dirt and pollutants in it, and these will show up more on light-hued roofing tiles. You should also avoid lighter-coloured tiles if you find it difficult to keep your roof clean for other reasons. In contrast, if you live in a very hot area, you may wish to avoid choosing darker tiles, because they may absorb heat more efficiently and make your home even hotter. 

Whatever colour you choose for your roofing tiles, we at Woodstock Roofing will be delighted to install them for you.