Signs that indicate your guttering needs replacing
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Last Edited: 06/Jul/2016

The guttering on your home helps direct water away from the building, making it a hugely important part of your property. How do you know if your gutters need replacing? Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

Sagging or pulling away from the roof

If your gutters appear to be sagging or pulling away from the roof, it's worth calling out a local roofing contractor to assess why this is happening, and whether they need replacing. Sagging could indicate that water is pooling in the gutter, creating a blockage, which not only hampers effective drainage, but could cause your fascia boards to rot.

Cracks, holes or splits

Small cracks, holes or splits in your guttering may be fixed and sealed up by a roof repairs company, but if these are left to get bigger, you'll probably need to end up getting your gutters completely replaced. If they aren't fixed, your roof and foundations could get damaged.

Peeling paint

If you notice peeling paint or rust spots below your gutters, this could indicate that water is not draining down the pipes properly, or that there may be cracks present. A professional roofing company will be able to diagnose exactly what the problem is, and decide if replacement gutters are required.

Fallen screws or nails

Guttering is attached to the roof's fascia board with screws or nails, and if these become loose and fall off, you may notice them on the ground below the gutters. Roofing contractors can fix these for you, but if this happens repeatedly, this could signal that new guttering is needed.

Pooling water

One of the most obvious signs that gutters aren't doing their job properly is if you notice pools of water below the gutter, or if water spills out from the gutter during rainfall. It is important to address this issue as pooling water can damage your foundations and may even leak inside your property. Consult a roofing company for advice. In some cases it could just be a case of a blocked gutter that needs clearing, or it could warrant gutter replacement.