Hot tips for getting the most out of your roof-mounted solar panels
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Last Edited: 19/Jul/2016

As versatile and professional roofing contractors, we offer a huge variety of different roofing solutions here at Woodstock Roofing, including photovoltaic solar panels. These can be applied to your roof in order to convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity. 

Solar panels can save home owners huge amounts of money by providing them with clean, free power. However, even the best roof-mounted solar panels can only produce energy when the sun is shining. When there is little or no sunlight, your solar panels won’t be able to provide energy and all the electricity you use will come from the National Grid (which means you’ll have to pay for it). 

In order to get the greatest value from your solar panels, you should try to use electrical appliances when the sun is out. We would like to share several tips that will help you to do this. Because we both supply and install roof-mounted solar panels, we have an in-depth understanding of how they work and provide advice that will help you get the most out of them.

1. Turn off unnecessary devices over night

Solar panels obviously can’t provide you with free energy during night-time hours. Consequently, any devices that you leave running over night will draw power from the National Grid instead. Before bed, we recommend that you check that your TVs, computers and other non-essential devices are turned off at the wall and aren’t simply on standby. Only keep your non-essential devices switched on when your solar panels can provide them with energy.

2. Using your washing machine and tumble dryer during the day

Most people use their washing machines and tumble dryers during the evening. However, the sun’s rays are weaker during the evening and solar panels may not be able to provide enough energy for them. Why not switch to using these devices (which use up a lot of energy) at the middle of the day? By doing so, you’ll ensure that your solar panels can provide sufficient power to operate them.

3. Charge portable devices during the day when possible

If possible, you should try to charge some of your portable devices (such as phones and tablets) during the day instead of at night. While charging these devices doesn’t take up a huge amount of energy, that energy will still cost money if it comes from the national grid. It’s best to charge the devices when your roof-mounted solar panels are capable of providing the necessary energy.

If you’re ready to have roof-mounted solar panels installed, contact us today. As roofing experts, we’ll be able to install the photovoltaic panels without damaging or overstraining your roof.