Which is the best option for you: traditional roofing or environmentally friendly roofing?
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Last Edited: 27/Jul/2016

It can be difficult to choose between a traditional roof made from slates or tiles and an environmentally friendly roof (such as a green roof or a roof with solar panels). Each option has its own practical advantages and each is aesthetically pleasing in a different way. Whether you’re replacing your existing roof or deciding on the type of roof you want for a new build, it’s easy to feel torn between proud traditional roofing and modern, environmental roofing. That’s why we’d like to use today’s blog post to discuss these options and help you come to a decision that you’ll be happy with.

Traditional roofing options clearly look their best on beautiful older buildings, such as vintage red-brick houses. Their main appeal lies in their timelessness: they possess a discreet, unobtrusive elegance that means that they will look as stylish 20 years from now as on the day they are installed. What’s more, they are highly durable. If they are fitted by top-quality roofing contractors (such as ourselves), slate or tile roofs can last for decades with very little maintenance. Barring accidents, it is also unlikely they will need to be repaired very often. If you simply want a resilient, long-lasting roof that will never go out of style, we think that a traditional slate or tile roof is your best option.

In contrast, green roofs and roofs with solar panels look their best on more modern buildings. Because they involve delicate technology and plant-life respectively, they also require a little more maintenance than traditional roofs. However, green roofing can turn your home into a haven for wildlife and help you preserve the environment. Meanwhile, roofs with solar panels can provide you with free electricity and help you combat fossil fuel-induced climate change. If you love wildlife, enjoy free electricity or simply want to help save the world, an environmentally-friendly roofing option is the best choice for you.

Whichever type of roof you choose, we can fit it for you. As experienced roofing contractors, we’re equipped to install any type of roof and ensure that it is of the highest possible standard. We can also help you with maintenance and repairs, if the need arises.