Turning your roof into a garden
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Last Edited: 09/Aug/2016

Do you only have access to a small amount of space due to living in a heavily built-up area? Many people who live in towns and cities don’t have gardens because space is at a premium in these areas. If you’re one of them but the roof of your property is flat, you may wish to consider using this roof as a garden or similar outdoor space so that you can relax and socialise in the open air. Of course, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to your roof if you want to turn it into the perfect building-top garden. 

As experienced roofing contractors, we know everything there is to know about reinventing and re-purposing roofs, so we’ve created a guide to developing the perfect roof garden.

1. Reinforce your roof (if necessary)

Not all roofs are designed to cope with regular foot traffic. Some of them simply can’t take the weight, whereas others are susceptible to wear and tear. If your roof is too weak to be walked and sat on regularly, you will need to have it reinforced or (in some rare cases) completely rebuilt before you can turn it into a roof garden. Luckily, we can help you with this. We at Woodstock Roofing can tell if your roof is strong enough to be used as a roof garden and strengthen it if it isn’t. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

2. Make your roof green

The best part about having an ordinary garden is being able to enjoy nature. There’s no reason you shouldn’t get the same benefit from a roof garden. You can have a layer of grass and plant-life added to your roof with a green roofing option. Green roofing turns your roof garden into beautiful natural space. We offer green roofing here at Woodstock Roofing. Why not ask us to install green roofing while we reinforce your roof?

3. Establish privacy and comfort

In order to keep your roof garden private and self-contained, you can purchase barriers or screens to place around the edge of your roof. Once you you have ensured that your roof garden is private and secluded, all you have to do is put in some garden furniture to make it comfortable. Sadly, we don’t supply roof screens or garden furniture, but we’re sure you’ll find somewhere to source them from!

If you want more advice on turning your roof into a garden, get in touch with us today.