Is your roof ready for winter?
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Last Edited: 19/Aug/2016

With prolonged spells of sunshine, low rainfall and warm temperatures all features of our weather in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties this summer, thoughts of the changing seasons might be far from your mind. Your holiday bags may be barely unpacked and your barbecue may still be in constant use, but before we know it, the nights will be drawing in and those unwelcome low pressure systems from the Atlantic will begin whipping across the UK heralding the beginning of Autumn. During high winds, storms and colder weather, your roof is your home's first line of defence so ensuring if is "winter ready" ahead of time may be one of the best investments you can make. Here is our guide to checking that your roof is ready for the elements.

1. Visual check

A simple visual check should be the first thing you do before the winter each year to initially assess the condition of your roof. Walking around the outside of your property, inspect the ground for clumps of moss that may have fallen from gutters, broken tiles that may have slipped and debris from tree branches or leaves. Looking up, check that your gutters and downcomers are not blocked and that any roof tiles are not missing or loose. In addition, eaves are a common place for wasps to nest or birds to roost. Check your loft and clear out any signs of old nesting sites. 

2. Signs inside your home

There are also some tell-tale signs inside your home to look out for as indicators of potential damage to your roof. Any areas of damp or leaking on your ceilings can be a sign of a loose or broken tile. It makes sense to be vigilant so that any problems can be picked up and rectified early, in order to avoid further potentially expensive repairs in the future.

3. Annual roof inspection

It's sensible to carry out a full roof inspection every year, at the end of the summer if possible. A professional roofing company can clean your guttering and drainpipes to free them from leaves and moss, repair any damaged tiles or shingle seals, which can cause leaks, nail down loose slates and ensure that your roof is working effectively to protect your home from adverse weather conditions.

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