The lesser-known advantages of flat roofs
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Last Edited: 09/Sep/2016

If you are having a new house constructed or intend to replace your current home’s roof, you may like to consider opting for a flat roof. Flat roofs aren’t as common as slanted roofs, even on newly-built properties. However, they offer several unique advantages. It’s worth considering these advantages in detail before you decide whether you want a flat roof or a traditional slanted one. While a flat roof isn’t right for everyone, you might decide that it would suit you perfectly. Here, we’ll discuss the top three advantages of flat roofs so that you can make an informed choice about whether to install one.

1. Accessibility

Flat roofs are much easier to access than slanted roofs. In fact, provided the structure of the roof is strong enough, it’s possible to walk about freely on flat roofs. This is useful in two distinct ways. Firstly, it means that you can use your flat roof as a social space or turn it into a roof garden. If you feel that you need more space in your home, a flat roof can provide it. Secondly, the accessibility of flat roofs makes them easier to inspect and repair, meaning that maintenance is less time-consuming and expensive.

2. Affordability

Flat roofs have a simpler structure than slanted roofs and are less material-intensive. Consequently, they are significantly cheaper to install. A reputable roofing contractor (like Woodstock Roofing) should be able to quote you a very reasonable price for flat roof installation. If you need to save money, installing a flat roof instead of a slanted one is an easy way to do so.

3. Warmth

Flat roofs absorb sunlight more quickly than slanted roofs, simply because slanted roofs are not positioned at the optimal angle for sunlight absorption. As a result, a flat roof can help to keep the interior of your building warm and save you money on your heating bill.

Here at Woodstock Roofing, we understand that flat roofs aren’t appropriate for everyone: they often require a greater level of care because it is possible for water and debris to build up on them. However, they also have numerous advantages that are often overlooked. If these advantages appeal to you, get in touch with us and find out more about installing a flat roof.