A look at the benefits of slanted roofs
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Last Edited: 21/Sep/2016

In our last blog entry, we discussed the lesser-known benefits of flat roofs. However, we believe that all roofs are equal here at Woodstock Roofing. We also believe that you should be able to make an informed choice about the type of roof you want. That’s why, in today’s blog entry, we’d like to discuss the advantages of slanted roofs. We encourage you to compare this entry to our previous entry on the benefits of flat roofs to decide which roof-type is best for you. There are several key advantages to installing a slanted roof on your property - some of them may surprise you.

1. Channelling rainwater

The most obvious benefit of a slanted roof is that it can channel rainwater downwards and away from your home. Water can build up on flat roofs, which can cause damage over time. This simply isn’t a problem with slanted roofs because water simply flows down them and into your gutter. If you install a slanted roof, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of built-up water on a regular basis, which minimises the effort you need to put into maintaining your roof. This is particularly useful if you lead a busy life that doesn’t leave you with any time for roof maintenance. Simply put, slanted roofs are more convenient and low-maintenance than flat ones.

2. Choosing your preferred material and style

Slanted roofs are available in a very wide range of different materials, including slate, artificial tiling and lead. While it’s true that there are also a number of different materials available for flat roofs, they do not have the same aesthetic diversity as those available for slanted roofs. When you install a slanted roof, you have the opportunity to select a roofing material that suits your home’s overall aesthetic perfectly.

3. Preserving tradition

Slanted roofs are more traditional and timeless than flat roofs. If you want your home to possess an ageless charm, it’s worth selecting a slanted roofing option.

If you do choose to install a slanted roof, you’ll need the help of professional, affordable roofing contractors. Why not give us a call today to find out how soon we can install your chosen style of roof?