Don't let autumn ruin your gutters
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Last Edited: 26/Oct/2016

As experienced roofing contractors, we understand how important guttering is. Your gutters play an essential role in channelling rainwater away from your home without damaging it: that’s why we offer gutter repair and maintenance services alongside roof repairs

As a home-owner, you probably know that it’s important to keep your gutters in good condition. However, you may not realise that your gutters are more likely to become clogged or damaged during certain seasons than during the rest of the year. Autumn is one of the toughest seasons for your gutters to deal with. It seems to have arrived rather late this year, but now that it’s here you need to be aware of the unique problems that can affect your gutters during this season.

1. Falling leaves

During autumn, the nation’s trees shed their leaves in preparation for the coming winter months. Inevitably, some of these leaves will blow onto your roof and into your gutters. While your gutters can cope with a few leaves, they are likely to become clogged if a large enough quantity of fallen foliage accumulates in them. Furthermore, if a gutter is filled with leaves, the added weight can cause it to sag. In other words, autumnal leaves can reduce the efficiency of your guttering and permanently damage it.

2. Sudden temperature changes

Autumn is a transitional season. It’s very common for a hot day to be followed immediately by a very cold one. As any physicist will tell you, changes in temperature cause materials to expand or contract. This includes the material that your guttering is made from. While it is designed to cope with variable temperatures, your guttering can eventually become damaged by constant expansion and contraction.

3. Prolonged periods of rainfall

Storms and prolonged periods of rainfall aren’t unique to autumn, of course; they also occur at other times of year. However, because of the other stresses on gutters during autumn, you need to be particularly aware of heavy rain during this season. The extra pressure created by unusually harsh or constant rain may be the thing that strains your gutters too far and causes serious damage.

Autumn can be tough on your gutters, but there’s no need to panic. Here at Woodstock Roofing, we pride ourselves on the unimpeachable quality of our gutter repair and maintenance services. Check your gutters regularly throughout the season and give us a call if you notice any problems.