How to attract customers with roof-mounted advertising
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Last Edited: 26/Oct/2016

If you run a local business, you can use your roof as a place to advertise your brand, your products your services. As we’ve mentioned in our blog entry entitled ‘how your roof can help your business’, your roof is a great place to place billboards, signs and other forms of highly visible advertising. Advertising that you place on your roof can be seen from a great distance and also serves as a landmark that customers can use to find your premises. However, roof-top advertising is only effective if it is well-designed and properly deployed. Here at Woodstock Roofing, we may not be marketing experts, but we are highly-respected roofing contractors. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of rooftop advertising because we work on roofs every day. We’ve compiled some helpful hints that will enable you to ensure that your rooftop advertising has the greatest impact possible.

1. Utilise a large font and bright colours

Roof-mounted signs and billboards are highly visible because of their elevation: passers-by can can sometimes see them from several streets away, provided their view is unobstructed. However, because they are always seen from the ground, viewers have to look at them from a distance. It’s therefore vital that you ensure they can make out the text and imagery on your sign or other roof-mounted advertisement easily. Luckily, this is easy to do: you just need to use bright or contrasting colours to ensure the image is clear, and choose a very large font size for your text.

2. Avoid obstruction and position your advertising carefully

Your roof-mounted sign or advertisement can only be seen from the ground if there’s nothing in the way. You therefore need to think carefully about how to position it. Make sure you place it so that it can be seen clearly and that there is nothing to block viewers’ lines of sight. You should also make sure the sign or advert is facing an area that a large number of people regularly use in order to maximise the chance of being seen.

3. Keep your slogan short and simple

While roof-mounted advertising is very noticeable, most people won’t spend much time looking at it. After all, nobody devotes valuable time to staring at rooftops, no matter how beautifully designed they are or how well they’ve been installed! We therefore recommend that you keep any slogans or advertising text brief and to-the-point. Make sure that potential customers can read your roof-mounted advertising in a single glance.

Sadly, at Woodstock Roofing, we can’t help you design your roof-mounted advertising or tell you what marketing techniques are right for your business. However, we do offer roof repairs and roof installation in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire. If you need to strengthen your roof or install a new one so that you can add roof-mounted advertising to it, give us a call today.