Maintaining Your Roof
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

Maintenance of your roof can often be the last thing on your mind when faced with the strains and toils of everyday life but a lack of maintenance is one of the primary reasons to why homes deteriorate. Maintenance the main aspect is ensuring rainwater does not get beneath the covering and rotting the structure below, and because this water is potentially most likely to enter through the roof, putting in periodic maintenance of the roof into the buildings maintenance schedule pays dividends later on, saving thousands of pounds later down the line.
Top tips to look for;

    Check for loose or broken tiles,

    Ensure all the facias and soffits are in good condition and secure,

    Ensure all mortar fillets and flashings are in good condition,

    Clean out your gutters and downpipes to stop overflow and water damage,

Woodstock Roofing can Help

If in doubt give us a call for an inspection, Woodstock offer a free appraisal of your roof and will recommend any work that needs to be carried out and at what time of year is best to do that work.

You are not too late

Don’t worry if you are too late in the year for any extensive work, don’t put it off until next year as the damage can be far worse, give us a call and we can recommend what work can be done now and what will need to wait until the dryer months, in the mean time we will be able to recommend short term solutions to ensure you don’t get caught out this winter.