Safe guard your home and family from the harsh winter weather
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Last Edited: 24/Jun/2016

It is so important to get your home ready for the toils of winter in the summer months. It is vital to ensure the work being carried out can be done effectively and safely when the weather is good. This forward planning will ensure you can get the correct work done at a time that ensures you are not fighting against the elements, ensuring that while the work is being carried there is minimum risk to worker ensuring the job can be done properly effectively and so limiting risk of further weather damage to your property.

Woodstock Roofing carry out a free of charge extensive review of your roof and supply you with recommendations of work you need to carry out before winter hits. This consultation is free of charge with no obligations.

We will aim to give you an honest appraisal of your roof and what work need to be done immediately to safe guard your home and family. We will advise on what work will be needed in the near future, next year and what need to be looked at in the medium term.

We as a company are very hot on ensuring you as a home/business owner understand the exact state of your asset so you can make informed choices about what work needs to be done and when, ensuring you don't get caught out at the worst time.

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