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Economical roof solar panelling in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire

We all want to do our part for the environment and we all like to save money. Now you can do both with the great range of affordable and environmentally friendly roof solar panelling systems from Woodstock Roofing! Using the very latest interlocking photovoltaic systems, Woodstock Roofing can provide your business with a solar solution that will save you money and give Mother Nature a helping hand. Our team of professional roofers work throughout Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire and the Cotswolds. We are more than happy to provide on-the-spot quotes or answer any queries you may have about our products, so call us today.

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Affordable roof solar panelling systems

Are you tired of exorbitant energy bills? The team of expert roofers at Woodstock Roofing in Oxfordshire can install a solar panelling system that will blend in with your existing roof seamlessly. Our roof solar panelling systems are:

  • Quick to install

  • Long lasting

  • Highly efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Great for the environment

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As roof specialists working across Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire as well as Buckinghamshire and the Cotswolds, we are here to help with all your roof-related needs. With a huge amount of experience in dealing with [...]

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Woodstock Roofing trades as a division of Woodstock Felt Roofing Ltd

We couldn’t believe the quality of the work carried out by Woodstock we are over the moon.


May I thank you for the excellent work and professionalism of the lads repairing my roof. I hope that after a good number of years and a number of attempts by others I now am water tight. I certainly feel confident that this is the case. Right from the very beginning you have provided a quality, efficient service; again, I thank you very much.


The very best service. Professional and highly reliable. We were so pleased.


After a terrible winter last year battling with a leaky roof, Woodstock quickly helped us seal the leak and performed maintenance of the rest of the roof – great service.

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